FAA Drone Registration Requirements

FAA Drone Registration Requirements

You must register your drone with the FAA if each statement below is true:

  1. My drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs. and less than 55 lbs.

  2. I am flying my drone in the U.S.

  3. I am flying my drone outside

Contact Drone Registration Support for assistance with drones over 55 pounds as these must be registered using the paper-based registration process.

Choose Your Registration Type

FAA Hobby Drone Registration (Section 336)

  • FAA drone registration for hobbyists and recreational drone pilots

  • Registration covers all of your hobby drones for $5/year

  • Drone make, model, & serial number are not required to process your registration

FAA Commercial Drone Registration (Part 107)

  • Registration for businesses, non-profits, education, etc.

  • Drones are registered individually for $5/year

  • Drone make, model, & serial number are required to process your registration


Drone Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register my drone with the FAA?
    Register your drone on the hobby drone registration or commercial drone registration page.

  2. How do I renew my existing drone registration?
    Renew your existing drone registration on the hobby drone renewal or commercial drone renewal page.

  3. I am traveling to the United States…do I need to register my drone?
    Yes, if it meets the weight requirements above and you plan to fly outdoors. In addition, make sure you understand Unmanned Aircraft in the National Parks and Washington, D.C. Flight Restrictions before flying your drone in any national park or around Washington, D.C.

  4. I crashed/lost my drone, do I need to register again with my new drone?
    It depends on the type of registration. For hobby drones, you can simply label your new drone with your unexpired FAA certificate number (ex: FA12345678) and you’re all set—no need to contact us with your new drone serial number. For commercial drones registered under Part 107, a new registration is required.

For answers to additional drone registration frequently asked questions, please visit B4YouFly.