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Courses » Part 107 Knowledge Test » Chapter 6: Emergency Procedures


Chapter 6

Emergency Procedures


An inflight emergency is usually an unexpected and unforeseen event that can have serious consequences for an unprepared remote pilot. During an emergency, a remote pilot is permitted to deviate from any part of 14 CFR part 107 to respond to the emergency. When a remote pilot does deviate from a rule due to an emergency, the remote will report the emergency if asked to do so by the FAA.

Inflight Emergency

A remote pilot is responsible for the safe operation of the sUAS at all times. A remote pilot must ensure that the aircraft is in a safe operating condition before flight, that there is not any hazard to persons or property, and that all required crew members are properly briefed on the operation and emergency procedures.

Before every flight, a remote pilot will conduct a preflight inspection of the aircraft. If any irregularities are found in the inspection, they must be corrected before the sUAS is operated. Some sUAS manufacturers will provide the remote pilot with preflight inspection items. For those sUAS that do not have a manufacturer checklist, the remote pilot should develop a checklist that will provide enough information that the aircraft will be operated in a safe condition.

When a remote pilot does experience an inflight emergency, the pilot may take any action to ensure that there is not a hazard to other people or property. For example, if during a flight the sUAS experiences as battery fire, the remote pilot may need to climb the sUAS above 400' AGL to maneuver to a safe landing area. In this instance, a report will need to be made only if asked to do so by the FAA.

When other crew members are used during a flight, all of those crew members must be briefed on the flight and the planned emergency procedures for the flight. The briefing will be given to any visual observers that might be used and any non-certificated person who is allowed to manipulate the flight controls of the sUAS.

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